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Meet Amanda

Master Curl Artist

Our business evolved with me first (Amanda) who has loved curly hair since I was a child. I began my hair career later & realised blow drying & straightening every day, all day was not going to work because of previous RSI injuries (Yes, crazily I still went into hairdressing). I realised there was more to be learnt in the world of hair, so why not indulge my love of curls?! Twelve years ago, this is just what I did.

  • In 2013 I became a Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist. This course was my light bulb moment. It was when it all came together for me.
  • In 2014 I joined a group CHA (Curly Hair Artistry), an astonishingly passionate collection of Curly Hair Artists in the world and have attended 2 CHA symposiums (Detroit, 2014 and Washington DC, 2015) to further advance my skills in all types of curly hair from wavy through to super curly.
  • In March 2018 I became Australia’s first and only Deva Certified Stylist.
  • In June 2019 I completed the Cut It Kinky class, working with tight curls & coils. Working with tight curls, kinks & coils gives me complete joy.
  • In February 2020, I completed Rezo certification.
  • In 2021, I become a Certified Innersense Organic Beauty Educator.

To Empower, To Educate, To Inspire • To Empower, To Educate, To Inspire • To Empower, To Educate, To Inspire

Meet Peter

Hydration Guru

Like Amanda, my journey to hair started later in life and was a complete 180 from what I was doing! Amanda’s business was starting to evolve and it was evident she needed a right hand man – I needed a new direction, so she got me hooked on curly hair and the rest is history!  

I have been trained by Amanda Rickman of Purely Curls, Australia and Ron Suriano of Moisture Salon, New York. I have been a hydrationist for 6 years and successfully trained over 80 Australian hairstylists in that time.

I completed further hydration education with Southern Curl in Atlanta and with Evan Joseph in New York. I am also a Certified Innersense Organic Beauty Educator.

My passion is to help curlies to achieve the best results they can through the art of hydration and correct product application.

Our Why

We came to the conclusion that it was pointless for us to amass knowledge on curly hair only to keep it to ourselves. When we realised there was no quality professional education in Australia, a lightbulb went on in our heads.

Given that not everyone can afford to travel abroad for further education, or to visit our salons, we chose to share our knowledge and experience. Our aim is to build a curly community to empower, educate and inspire YOU!

Our Mission

It’s simple. We want to offer quality curly hair education to professional stylists in Australia and beyond, whether you can travel to us for intensives, or would rather our online learning, we’ve got you covered!

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