Build on your curly hair skillset with tight curls

Learn the art of tight curls with Amanda Rickman – the only OG Alumni Cut It Kinky certified stylist in Australia.




Level  2 – Tight Curls

“We have developed a class especially for stylists who have extensive experience working with curly hair but would like to extend their capacity to work with tight curls.”


Day 1: 9:00-5:00pm

  • Amanda’s live model cut demonstration for your look & learn
  • Peter’s hands on Hydration & curl management session
  • Lunch
  • Mannequin head cut
  • Mannequin head wash/set/dry
  • Q&A at end of day – time to ask curly questions

Day 2: 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • Revision of techniques from Day 2
  • 2 x Model cut/wash/set/dry
  • Feedback & Q&A

What’s possible

Help clients embrace their natural curl by giving them education on how to manage frizz so they don’t have to straighten it to have control

Is this INTENSIVE for you?

This intensive is for
you if…

  • You have completed a curl foundations course with us or another curl teacher / master
  • You want to further your curly hair skills and knowledge and learn to work with tight curls
  • You want to help your tight curl community by providing them with exactly what their curls need
Question marks on paper


Your Investment



Did you know?

The tighter their curl, the less likely the person is to trust a hairdresser + will avoid going.

Amanda and some students standing out the front of Purely Curls salon holding their certificates after their course intensive.

By the end of this intensive
you will have…

  • The confidence to work with curly hair, cutting and hydrating curls of all kinds to give your clients the best possible result
  • The knowledge to provide your curly clients so they know how to care for their curls until your next appointment (because they will be re-booking for sure!)
  • A plan on how you can increase your prices to match your new skillset and knowledge and be be paid your worth!


Amanda + Peter

We are two curly hair nerds who live, breathe & love curly hair. Our business evolved with me first (Amanda) who has loved curly hair since I was a child. I began my hair career later & realised blow drying & straightening every day, all day was not going to work because of previous RSI injuries. (Yes, crazily I still went into hairdressing) I realised there was more to do be learnt in the world of hair, so why not indulge my love of curls?! Ten years ago, this is just what I did.

Here begun my curl quest to become an expert in curly hair artistry. That journey began in 2010 and still to this day spending many hours flying back and forward to the USA for further education and continually researching online to learn as much as possible about curls and the type of products specifically related to curly hair.

Fast forward a few years & business is booming but I can’t do it all by myself because it’s just me. By this stage, I was working in 2 cities, back & forward but I needed help. My husband (Peter) & business partner needed a new direction so I got him hooked on curly hair as well. After opening a successful curl only salon in Brisbane it became apparent we needed to teach what we knew & did every day.

In 2018 we devised a learning package to teach other hairdressers in Australia about serving the large & growing market in curly hair of all types.

Education is the key. 

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